Facebook Parenting: For the troubled teen.

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Warning: Since this video seems
to have gone crazy, I figure
I'll post this notice. I'm
going to read a letter my 15
year old daughter wrote. There
ARE some curse words in it.
None of them are incredibly
bad, but they are definitely
things a little kid shouldn't
hear... not to mention things
MY KID shouldn't say!
If you want to see the original
Facebook thread, it's located

My daughter thought it would be
funny/rebellious/cool to post
on her Facebook wall just how
upset she was and how unfair
her life here is; how we work
her too hard with chores, never
pay her for chores, and just in
general make her life

She chose to share this with
the entire world on Facebook
and block her parent's from
seeing it. Well, umm... she
failed. As of the end of this
video, she won't have to worry
anymore about posting
inappropriate things on

Maybe a few kids can take
something away from this... If
you're so disrespectful to your
parents and yourself as to post
this kind of thing on Facebook,
you're deserving of some tough
love. Today, my daughter is
getting a dose of tough love.

© Copyright 2012, by Tommy
Jordan. All rights reserved.
Duplication without express
permission of the author is
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